Canadian pharmacies offer prescription medications for health professionals at significantly lower prices than the Circumstance. S. pharmacies. This is an important fact. But, is it possible to know that medications purchased online from Canadian pharmacies may look identical to the ones you purchase locally? Is a lower cost equivalent to lower standards?
The European government controls wholesale drug purchases and these value controls are applied to the retail level. The Federal government also controls the prices of Canadian pharmacies, which means that costs around the globe are virtually identical.

Although there is no restriction on the pricing of individual pharmacies, there may be slight differences in pricing for dispensing fees. (Usually $7 to $9 dollars, a Canadian drug-store charges a flat fee for each prescription they fill. A Canadian pharmacy can also get a rebate from a wholesale distributor depending on how many medications are being dispensed.

The Canadian pharmacy association is subject to strict government supervision, starting with volume import purchases and ending at the customer. Every aspect of this industry is inspected by government agents at regular intervals and at all levels. Canadian pharmacy specifications meet American standards in all respects. You can be sure that a Canadian drug store will provide a legitimate drug.

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Brand-name medication is usually produced by a specific pharmaceutical company. The rights to the brand-name medication are retained by the company. Canadian pharmacy Once the generic medication receives, (17 years following the license was granted by the Foods and Drug Administration) other companies will produce the generic type of that medication.

The patent protection period gives the U. H. pharmaceutical company time to recover the costs associated with r & d. Name-brand prescription drugs are often sold at very high prices. Once the protection period expires, generic forms are available from other manufacturers.

Sometimes, generic drugs are available in Canada before they reach the United States. A person may be able to enjoy a reduced price for up to a year, or until the universal becomes available at home. There are many new brand name drugs that can be purchased here at a reduced price for a year or more before they reach Canada. These drugs are available to you immediately. It can take 12-18 months for the idea to become available in Canada.

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Yes, most Canadian pharmacies that offer prescription medication to the general public on a mail-order basis will send the exact same medications as those purchased in the U. T.

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A Canadian pharmacy will require a prescription from a local doctor. Then, a Canadian medical professional must co-sign the prescription. To allow the delivery across the border, a prescription must be provided from the country where the drug was first prescribed.