Alchemy is definitely the art and science of self-transformation. Despite associations With all the try to find the fountain of youth, even so, alchemy has small to accomplish with what we think of as “self-enhancement.” The alchemist will not remodel the every day self more info
 The alchemist, fairly, seeks to rework a deeper and a lot more refined Element of herself. The material on the alchemist lies over and above her persona, appears, thoughts, and feelings. This deeper part of herself she may contact “the vital self.”
 The critical self consists at first only in basic presence and a focus that function independently from your body, thoughts, and thoughts. Her purpose is to acquire that raw awareness and existence right into a number of increased plus much more subtle bodies. Each and every of those better bodies corresponds to a higher world or bigger dimension of truth.
 The point of turning out to be in a position to traverse the upper realms is to be able to grow to be an expression and servant in the divine. To become able to do the will of God on planes over and above the common–and so also on this airplane–is definitely the true purpose from the alchemist.
 The intention of alchemy, self-transformation, can be damaged down conceptually into not less than two sub-targets:
 one) To equilibrium the 4 aspects throughout the entire life span.
 two) To ascertain the dominion of the quintessence–also called the governing Intelligence or the Holy Guardian Angel–more than this life time; To place it in demand so that each minute of lifetime gets an expression of that governing intelligence.
 Every single of these two sub-targets deserves a little bit explanation. The 4 components are acquainted to a lot of: earth, air, hearth, and water. These are generally not considered the ordinary points With all the exact names, but instead as essential constituents of reality that bear identical attributes to those common objects. The element of earth, such as, is cold, dense, and stable and can be considered earning up the higher Section of common things that bear People attributes.
 The 4 aspects make up the intellect, human body, and feelings of the personal self. Before an individual can deal with build up far more subtle areas of the self, she will have to first grasp the greater normal portions of self to make sure that they don’t dominate her Electricity and a spotlight. To stability the 4 components is to achieve that mastery.
 Once the elements are completely balanced inside their dynamic conversation, the lifetime gets totally free in a Bodily feeling. It ceases to be a hindrance and as a substitute turns into available as a source for producing and attracting substances she will require for transforming the important self.
 So far I have claimed exactly what the ambitions of alchemy are, but not how to achieve them. Alchemy is, once again, the artwork and science of achieving Individuals objectives. It’s no far more a move-by-step system, however, than is making really like or developing a excellent operate of art.
 Several abstruse texts have been penned on alchemy. They include vibrant symbolism and not a soul appears to agree on whatever they suggest. Partly It’s because they refer in large part to sexual practices, nonetheless were composed at any given time when speaking about these types of subjects openly would mean a Demise sentence to the writer.
 The universal pointers encoded in the ancient manuscripts entail the very careful conservation of sexual and psychological energies, and also the generation, attraction, and circulation of special substances needed for the development of higher bodies.
 But whether or not we decode The traditional texts wholly, we won’t ever arrive in a mechanical system for self-transformation. It’s because the way the alchemist functions together with her personal entire body, energies, mind, and heart demonstrates a sacred covenant involving the individual and her Angel.
 My essential alchemical technique is always to decide to accomplishing every thing my Angel claims.
 One more Device which has, miraculously, come to light is definitely the Aka Dua. I think that Aka Dua is none other than the Philosopher’s Stone. In my working experience, the Aka Dua refines and purifies the character of anything it touches, based on the intent with the person.
 The seven forms of Aka Dua correspond With all the 7 metals / Planets / chakras in addition to to the 7 Bodies the development of which happens to be the First purpose of alchemy. All those frequencies gave the impression to be attuned to those distinct spheres of existence. The activation of varied varieties of Aka Dua at the side of corresponding chakras offers a immediate fortification of the upper bodies.